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Measurement Scale

Embossed capacity markings in ‘ml’ to help you track your water intake.

Reinforced Strap

Specially designed to designed the weight of 1 US liquid gallon.

Time Markings

Hourly time marking helps keep you hydrated & healthy.

Flip Top 2.0

More convenient & easier to drink from a flip top cap compared to a traditional twist off cap.

Drop Protection

Innovative shock absorption silicone material helps protect against drops.

Designed in USA

Carefully designed and crafted in the state of Arizona, USA.

Experience The Easy Way To Drink More Water

If you’re looking for the easiest way to drink a gallon of water throughout the day, PWRBOTL is the solution! While being trendy and stylish, this water bottle motivates you to drink more water and live a healthy life. We have actually listened to the complaints of customers from comparable products of other sports water bottles splitting and cracking when they drop or fall down!

Multipurpose Large Water Jug

This time marked water bottle is a smart choice for living an active & healthy lifestyle. Unlike other gallon jugs, ours is truly 1 gallon (128 Oz/3.78 Liters). The flip top cap is EASY to drink from and the wide mouth lets you add ice or fruits EFFORTLESSLY. Our strap is REINFORCED to carry the weight of the bottle making it easier to move around with.

BPA & Toxin Free

When shopping for a big water bottle, it’s important to choose the perfect one. PWRBOTL checks all the boxes, these water bottles are made of leak proof HIGH QUALITY PETG plastic that is 100% BPA/DEHP Free to ensure that water is clear of harmful chemicals, plastic taste or weird odors while adding extra drop protection and motivational time markings!

What People are Saying

PWRBOTL is the Ultimate Gallon Water Bottle.
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Five Star Reviews

My husband loves this gallon jug! He uses it every day. I was thrilled to find a heavy duty one for him. He’s shattered many shaker bottles by dropping his gym bag. I feel confident that this will uphold his dropping tests!


via Amazon.com

I love my new gallon water bottle. It allows me to be accountable to drinking at least a gallon of water each day and it has great motivational script on the sides to encourage me. I often would try to drink so many glasses each day, but this makes it easier to see if I am actually achieving my goal. It is easy to carry, easy to load with ice and water and I love the non-slip bottom of the bottle.

Terri Rice Welborn

via Amazon.com

I wanted to give this bottle some time before I reviewed it. I’ve purchased a variety of water bottles before, and this one is by far my favorite.

Not only does it have lovely little motivational messages on the bottoms to keep you going through the day, but it is sturdy. I am reasonably active and have kids, so anything flimsy is going to break. After a week of playing with it, it’s still going strong.

These big bottles can get heavy when it’s full of water. It has two different handles that make it easy to hold and carry, and if it drops, it has this silicone on the bottom to help protect it from getting damaged.

The bottle is well worth the money.


via Amazon.com

The good: This water bottle is definitely the last one you’ll buy! I’ve used the buildlife bottle and quifit one. Both of them cracked open after dropping. Pwrbottle has stayed strong so far, the stronger plastic and rubber bottom definitely helps absorb the impact.
The attention to detail they took to position the cap is incredible, where it’s seamless to just pick up with one hand and drink.
Also the time markings motivate me to drink more in a day!

The bad: Although the carry strap is comfortable and of high quality, when filled all the way it’s hard to carry around. It hasn’t leaked as of yet. But I’ll update if it does.

Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a gallon jug. Great buy!


via Amazon.com

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